Practice Plans

Being organized in practice is very important for your teams development and having a winning culture. I have some pre-made Basketball practice plans that could help all coaches win more games and develop a stronger more skilled Basketball team. 

Speaking Engagements

I started Coaching Basketball when I was in High school and went on to coaching club Basketball teams. I have a unique insight for beginner and younger Basketball coaches, but also years of coaching and training to back up on. Whether your looking to motivate your Basketball coaches or players or have your coaches and players learn from my diversified experiences I can help your coaches and players. 

Coaching Books

Perimeter Basketball Defense 

The 4-1 Basketball Zone

This Zone Defense has been used with U18 and younger Basketball teams around the world. The 4-1 has helped teams win championships from USA, Italy and Canada. 

Unbeatable Basketball Defense

The 1-4 Basketball Zone

The 1-4 Basketball Zone defense has become pretty popular recently after being used by the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Playoffs. 

The Complete Guide To The 5 Out Offense


The NCCP Certifications

To coach Basketball in Canada you need to be certified. A level 1 coach is someone who can head coach grade 8 and younger Basketball teams. A level 2 coach allows you to head coach up to grade 12 teams and be an assistant coach at the University level. Next is level 3 which is the level I am currently trying to attain and this allows you to head coach University level teams and be an assistant coach at the International level. 

I am a fully certified Level 2 / partially certified level 3 Basketball Coach, not all Basketball trainers will have this certification and I feel these certifications can bring you even more value. 

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