Jump Shot Analysis

Shooting a Basketball at a high percentage is very important if you want to keep advancing throughout the levels of Basketball from AAU to University, and even higher. 

Having a good shooting form will help you shoot a Basketball further, straighter, and overall more accurately. 

What I ask for to analyze your shooting form is video of 3 angles of your shot, while taking a shot from a comfortable distance away. For example, a shot from the free throw line. The video above is a great example of what I ask for and what you will get in return. 

What You Need To Do:

  1. Record video of you shooting your shot from 3 angles, front, right, and left. 
  2. Next, upload that video to Youtube (public, or unlisted), Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud drive where you can share a download link. and send me the link. 


After purchase you will be re-directed to a PDFwith instructions for recording and sending me your footage. I will also email you shortly after. 

What You Get in Return:

  1. A personalized video breakdown of your shooting form, what you do great and what to improve on
  2. A written list on what your doing well and any improvements you could implement
  3. A personalized Basketball shooting workout and training program
  4. A personalized list of videos to watch

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