Allen is a Basketball Skills Trainer for Basketball players worldwide. Allen provides Basketball Skills training online and locally in and around Hamilton Ontario Canada, on Skype and FaceTime to anyone around the world, and also can create a recruiting highlight tape for you. 

 Personal Basketball Training  

Providing 1 on 1 or group Basketball skills training to players and coaches in and around Hamilton Ontario. Become the Best Basketball player you can possibly be! 

Custom Basketball Training Plans

Providing 1 on 1 Online Basketball skills training using Skype. As long as you have a table, cell phone, computer and an internet connection we can train anywhere in the world. 

Highlight Tapes

Highlight Tapes are useful tools to help get recruited by college or professional Basketball teams. 

Vertical Jump Training

Jumping higher in Basketball is very important. By jumping higher you will be able to get more rebounds, and also dunk the Basketball.

Speaking Engagements

I started Coaching Basketball when I was in High school and went on to coaching club Basketball teams. I have a unique insight for beginner and younger Basketball coaches, but also years of coaching and training to back up on. Whether your looking to motivate your Basketball coaches or players or have your coaches and players learn from my diversified experiences I can help your coaches and players. 


The Dunk Like a KingJump Training Book

Being a Basketball Player Growing Up In Canada 

Coming Soon 

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