GAME-PLAN Planning

(Game Scouting Reports)

Big games like a championships, playoff games, and rival games you might want to have an advantage over your opponent and this is why I am here. I have posted 2000+ videos on Youtube that break down plays from NBA, FIBA, NCAA games, also plays and drills you can use with your players, and skills your players can use to become better. 

Quietly in the background over the last 10 years I have helped coaches scout out opponents and break down video to explain what the opponent was using in games. I never really came out publicly explaining that this is something High school coaches hire me to do. Well I am now, and you don't even have to be an elite top level High school to have me make a scouting report for you. 

All you need to do is send me a link to download the game video through Dropbox or Google Drive. The other way is uploading it to Youtube and I can download it from there.  From there I will import the footage into my editing software and look over the footage and see what the team is doing. Any plays, defences, and presses they use will be  explained in my notes about each player and what those players bring to the table skill wise.

If your coming up against a team in the playoffs, in the finals, or even a rival game. I will be able to help you learn what the opponent has been doing to win games, and also see what their weaknesses are. 

Prices for Game Play Planning (prices are per full game recording)

$120 For First Full Game 

$100 For Each other Full Game 

Gameplan Scouting

Areas I break down:

  • Player Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Offensive plays 
  • Defensive plays
  • Press Breaks
  • Press Defences
  • Team tactics (what they do in different situations)

We can break down a single game or as many games as you would like to see player improvements and possible future progression. By scouting more than 1 game we will be able to give a more accurate scouting report on the team we are looking at. The average team sends in 1-3 full games. 

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