Hardest Basketball Shooting Workout

The idea behind this workout is to strengthen your hips, legs, and arms so that you can gain more control on your shot and give yourself more power so that you can shoot the Basketball better. 

This shooting workout is designed to build your strength so you can shoot the Basketball with more control and more power. This is how you will be able to score more points. However, another bonus to this workout is that you will be training your shot while tired as if you just played a full game of Basketball. 

When training for a sport you want your workouts, training, and practices to be harder than in game. This is so the game can feel easier, thats why in this workout you’ll be shooting a Basketball between reps. 

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Just Finished the workout that was a good workout!


This workout has allowed me to shoot 3 point shots. I couldn't shoot outside of the key, now I can shoot from 3!!! Thank you!


This shooting workout alone allowed me to shoot at a higher percentage


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