The Hardest and Personalized Vertical Jump Training 

Dunk Like A King!

Land and Water Training!  

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Book Samples  

Below are some samples of this amazing Jump Training Book. 

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Size : 40.739 Kb
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Works On All Platforms: 

What is Improved With 
Jump Training? 

Jumping Higher 

Running Faster

Reduced Leg Injuries

Better BBall Defence

Greater Rebounding 

Greater Shooting Distance

Able to Dunk or Dunk Better


This book was created by myself with the input from Joshua Tessier who is a very well known vertical jump trainer here in Canada. 

This training program has been tested and tried with 6 athletes in Canada and this program has been seen as a huge benefit for any Basketball, volleyball or any other player who needs to jump higher. 

The best thing about this book is everyone can use the workouts, even if your six years old. We have approved the workouts for everyone over 6. 

The different workouts in this book are called:

  • Nutritional Information
  • Training best practices
  • How to stretch
  • Pool workouts (6 Levels = 12 weeks)
  • 24 week land training program
The players averaged a 12 inch increase who used this Jump Training Program through the creation of the Program. 

Is This Program Safe For Kids?

This program was tested on kids aged 11 and up and is safe for anyone over the age of 6. Younger boys and girls using this program should start on level 1. 

Vertical Jump training Program


Q and A 

After You Buy

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Below are the results from the 6 players who used this program before we started selling the program (last names withheld due to player age), below are the comments and results from the trials: 

(15 years old)
Male - 6'3

"At the end of the pool workouts I felt amazing, I have learned just how great a pool workout can be for you. There is hardly any impact to the knees which is great! My muscles were tired and my ankle never hurt" 

I gained 5 inches with the pool workout in 12 weeks. 

(17 years old) 
Male - 5'11 

"I just finished the 24 week land program and during the last few weeks I combined the land and pool training. During the first 12 weeks I gained 9 inches and the last 12 weeks I gained 5 inches. I have always wanted to dunk, before I could hardly touch the rim and now I can throw down a DUNK, I am very pleased".

I gained 17 inches in 24 weeks! 

(12 years old)
Male - 5'1

"I am pleased with this program, my parents didn't think I was going to gain much due to my age but I was able to prove them wrong"

I gained 8 inches in 24 weeks.  

(15 years old)
Male - 6'2 

"If I can give one word of advice do not skip ahead to the advanced levels as they are really hard so start with the lowest or second lowest level first".

I gained 16 inches in 24 weeks

(11 years old) 
Male 4'8 

"Even though Max is young he was in very great shape and was frequently lifting weights. Max was hesitant on using this program due to the limited amount of actual weights used. Max ended up loving the program due to its different difficulty levels" 

I gained 5 inches in 24 weeks

(16 years old) 
Male 6'5 

"Great program, makes you work really hard, I tried a Jump Program that cost me $99 and it made me gain 2 inches, this program gained myself 15 inches. I can now consistently dunk a Basketball" 

I gained 15 inches in 24 weeks 


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