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Based in Hamilton, Ontario Allen Harrington provides personal skills and conditioning training to individuals or groups. Based on over 12 years of elite play and coaching. 

Allen has developed a tailored approach to helping youth exceed expectations and reach their potential. Capitalize on the experiences and approach that led Allen to the NBA Development level of play.

We also have over 700 videos and counting.

Allen Harrington provides the following:

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This defence had 4 years of research and 16 coaches reviewing how it works with their team in a real season to make sure it can be the most unstoppable defence available.

Al's Basketball Training

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I have not used this with my team yet however I have already learned more from reading the first few pages than I learned going to the level 1 NCCP Coaching clinic in Toronto. 

From Anonymous
Oakville Ontario 

Thank you Allen, 

Training with you has helped me become a great player. Because of you I made my schools varsity team as a grade 9! Thank you for pointing out my weaknesses and creating my program that made me a better player.

Oakville Ontario

Thank you, 

My son is ADD/ADHD and this book has worked wonders for him. I am wondering if you could make a spelling book that has the same ideas as this book because that could also work wonders for him too. 

Thank you again,
Aaron D
Buffalo, NY

 "Al's Basketball Training,  
Thank you for these great resources, I have been using the Boot Camp Program for 2 weeks now and I have seen a 2 inch increase in my vertical leap already. 

Thank you, and keep up the great work,

Kyle P
Naples FL, USA"

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