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All highlight tapes must be sent to me through an online cloud Drive, for example Google Drive or Drop Box Contact us if you would like to have us record your game in person.

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Ernie Hall

Having a professionally made highlight tape is extremely important for a player when he/she is trying to earn a scholarship. When you are sending letters to NCAA coaches the best thing you can do is attach a highlight tape that shows your best skills at work in a game format. The easiest way to do this is by attaching a link to your highlight tape on your first email. 

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Remember to have your full game tape available because if an NCAA coach has some interest in you, he may ask for a full highlight tape of you. This must be mostly un edited and will show more than your highlights and show more of your mistakes. 

Recording a good highlight tape includes many aspects:

  1. Video Quality: When creating a highlight tape you want the person watching the video to see who you are. A blurry video will be hard to see the small things you do, like shooting form and if you dribble with your head up. Try and record your footage in 720p or 1080p, you can even record in 4k as well but those cameras are expensive. 
  2. Zoom: The one thing every player makes a mistake of is how close the camera is focused in on you. The picture above would be a very good example of being too zoomed in. Coaches/Scouts want to see not just you, but your teammates as well, If your not passing the Basketball and taking contested shots they want to know why. 
  3. Music: No hardcore rap music, it is okay to have beats playing in the video, but not too over powering so thats all you pay attention too.
  4. Offense: Almost every amateur highlight tape seen on Youtube and 90% sent to coaches have only shooting involved. now if your a highly skilled offensive player this is okay, but every coach now has seen the need for defence. So remember in a highlight tape you need offense and defensive highlights.
  5. Defense: Defence is becoming a huge part of the game and you need to show off your defence skills along side your offensive skills.  
If you need a camera to record your game I can help you pick out a camera. Just contact me below and I can help you out with creating your highlight tape and/or picking out your camera. 

I have created Highlight Tapes for many different players from Canadian and USA high schools all the way up to players who now play for the Canadian National Team and European Professional Teams. 

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