Submit Your Game Tape   

Submit your game tape to us and we will edit and post your video on our youtube channel. 

For best quality make sure you record in WMV format, we can convert your file and keep it as 1080p (if you record in 1080p) but the quality will be a little less (most don't notice the difference... but I do) 

*Current wait times for uploaded video is 1-2 days*

There are two options available:

1 Video Edit: This option is great if you want to try us out or if you only want us to create 1 video of you for the whole season. This option is $6.99

2012/13 Season Unlimited: This option is best for those who would like to send us every game they play (or more than 3 games this season). This option is $12.99

For us to receive your video you can try and email us the files but most of the time that wont work as the file will be too large. I like to use GOOGLE Docs (soon to be call GOOGLE Drive) all you would need to do is upload the video file to Google Drive and email us the link. (

When you send me the link to your video please provide your name, your team name, the opposing team name, level of play, and your Grad class year. 


Recorded in WMV 

Recorded in AVI converted to WMV