Coaching A Basketball Timeout 

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Coaching a timeout can be stressful but Coachbase makes it so easy even your assistant coach can teach at the timeout. In this video I use the line press break which is great for a skilled team who really know the basics as there are a lot of screen and rolls that may confuse beginner players. 

As a head coach you can tell your assistant coach to draw up one of your plays and you as the head coach can show your players the next play they will rn after the timeout. 

Every Basketball coach uses a coaches clipboard to draw up plays during a timeout. Well as a coach I always lose my markers and end up using my finger on the clipboard. Well now there is an app called Coachbase and it is easy, fast and portable. You can use Coachbase coaches clipboard on an iPad/tablet, phone, or on computer like an iMac. 

Coachbase can help Basketball coaches at all levels from youth Basketball all the way to university and pro Basketball. Basketball coaches can draw up basketball plays and Basketball drills.