Basketball Shooting Form Mistakes 

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From my past in coaching and playing Basketball I have seen many Basketball players who have absolutely horrible shooting form! What makes me really confused is why their coaches don't try to change their form! As a coach and trainer I have had many players with very bad shooting form and I do change their form, but just a little at a time. For example, one week I will focus on their elbow and follow through, and the next week I would work on their legs and feet.   

The above video shows a very good example of a player not following through high enough, this can decrease the players potential for shot distance. By not creating enough arc while shooting, the Basketball will either go to far and you will miss the net, or the Basketball could just bounce of the back of the rim with no hope of going in. 

This last video shows a common mistake that many coaches don't see because too many Basketball coaches and trainer are worried more about a players follow through. Watch player 12 and how his legs twist while in the air shooting the Basketball. By twisting any part of your body while shooting you will have a higher likely hood of shooting the Basketball to the left or right.