Court Grabbers for Basketball shoes to stick to a slippery basketball court

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Every Basketball player has played on a Basketball court where they wished the school would just replace the crappy old slippery floor! What did we use back in the day? I used hair spray once and I learned that it works for 20 seconds and the shoes become worst, then I started licking my hand and wiping my shoe and I became sick more often. Then I started using my own sweat, but the problem with that is you get too much sweat on the bottom of the shoe and then it feels like your on ice!

I just reviewed a product named Court Grabbers, and this stuff works! You always get the right amount on your shoes and they stay clean for a while. The best thing is the gel does not mark up the floor or your shoes because of the natural ingredients. 

Court Grabbers are a legal accessory that any Basketball player can use from elementary Basketball all the way up to the NCAA and pro's.

Lets think about injury prevention, if you are a fan of this website you know I am extremely qualified to speak about injuries and injury prevention due to my multiple knee surgeries. What happens when your Basketball shoes don't stick to the court? Your feet slip and you ether fall, tear something in your crotch or bend your knee the wrong way. 

Court Grabbers are not just around to enhance your game, but also as an injury prevention tool!

Best of all the are cheap!