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I have been using Coachbase for a few months now and I absolutely love this app. Every coach I meet I tell them about this app. 

Once you download the app I suggest that you play around with it as there are a lot of features that are really great. At first I thought I could use this just for plays but I learned that you can add some pylons and actually create drills! 

Coachbase Basketball play application

Basically once you create your Basketball plays you can save them to your account and share them with your team. This is great because now your players can know the plays before they even get to practice. Once your at practice all you need to do is show the team one more time where you want each position to go and they will be off practicing the play and you can make small corrections right away. 

When I coach I like to have a practice plan that I send to my assistant in the morning of every practice. This is a good thing to do if your not already, however if your like me I have some very weirdly named drills (like, layup w/ slalom, now this could be anything). Now if you have Coachbase you can send the practice planner with the drills so your assistant coach knows exactly what practice is going to be about. 

Coachbase Basketball

You can even use Coachbase while in a timeout and there is not just one way of using it. One way to use Coachbase during a timeout is to use the work area like a normal coaches board, or you can draw from a play you made a few weeks or months before for the exact situation you just found yourself in, let the team watch the play and ask if they have any questions. If the team does have any questions you can with easily and quickly to the work surface and show them exactly what you mean.  

Coachbase Was Used In These Video's 

The Offside Double Screen Triangle Basketball Offence is great to use against a team who runs a man to man defence.

This is a great play that can be used with many different kinds of players and teams. I used this play with 2 very good shooters and there was one game that both of those players scored over 20 points each. Kyle had 23 and Kevin had 21. 

If you have an athletic Basketball team you and your players will love this Basketball Play!

The 4 out motion offense is great but you can only use it so long until the other team notices it, by running a 4 out with a 5 out transition you will confuse not only the players, but also the other teams coach! 

Coaching A Timeout can be made really easy while using Coachbase, find out how here.  

Here is a 1-4 Basketball play that the San Antonio Spurs used during the 2014 NBA Playoffs.