Press Break Basketball Plays 

Looking For Another Basketball Play? 

We can't all be blessed with a player who can beat any press break and come out of it without a turnover. I have played with one player and coached one player who was able to do this. The player I played with was Matt Ross and it never mattered if a team pressed us as he was a one man press break and the player I coached was Clayton Cain. There was one rule they followed when attacking a press. 

Mike Henowick attacking a press break during his grade 9 Basketball game. 

That rule is to stay within the Volleyball court, by staying within the Volleyball court you will not be able to be trapped along the sidelines. whether you have a single player who can win against a press break or you need a press break play your players need to stay within those lines. My advice, even if you have a single player I would still say to practice a press break in the case that player gets stuck.   

Here is a Basic press break that every Basketball team can use and be successful using.  

A play my college professor gave me to try when I coached the Burlington Skyhawks, however I never used it until I coached the Oakville Venom. 

Here are a few drills and tips to run an effective Basketball Press Break. 

During March Madness many different teams used this press. If your looking for an effective press defence you need to check this out.