3 Player Line Press Break 

Looking For another Basketball or Maybe a Drill? 

 If the Basketball team your coaching is having trouble beating a full court press defense you may find this play helpful 

What I said: 

Hello, this is the press break I use when coaching

1 will set a screen for player 2 and player 3 and then roll and run up the middle of the court looking and asking for the ball. After each screen players 2 and 3 will cut towards the inbounds player. 

If players 1, 2, and 3 are not open for the pass player 5 will cut down to the free throw line. But if players 2 or 3 are open the inbounds player will pass them the ball. If player 2 gets the pass, player 3 will set a pick for the inbounds player for the inbounds player will use the pick and sprint up the court looking for the ball.