Toronto Raptors Preseason Basketball Plays 

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Toronto Raptors Offensive Play Diagrammed for coaches who want to use the Toronto Raptors plays for their own Basketball Team. 

This is part of the NBA Plays created by us.

Each NBA Team has many different Offensive plays 

The following plays are from the Toronto Raptors
Here is a simple 4 out play that the Toronto Raptors use

Player 5 which will usually be Jonas Valanciunas will set a pick for player 1 who will be Kyle Lowrie. After the pick and roll Lowrie will pass the ball to Valanciunas for an easy dunk, layup or a kick out pass for a shot.

Once Valanciunas has the ball he can choose to take the ball to the basket himself or pass to player 3 because player 3s defending player might collapse on valanciunas, or valanciunas could pass to player 4 which would be Andrea Bargnani for the 3 point shot. 

The next play they have used this preseason is the double screen 5 out offence. In this play Players 4 (Andrea Bagnani) and player 5 (which is Jonas Valanciunas) will screen for player 1 (which is kyle Lowrie). Jonas Valanciunas will roll towards the basket looking for a pass while Bargnani rolls out for a 3 point shot. Mean while players 2 and 3 look for a pass and shoot opportunity