Flex Motion Basic Basketball Offense 

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The Flex Basketball Offense is great to use with youth basketball teams. The Basketball offense is great to use against a zone and man to man defence. 

In diagram A, O1 passes to O2, while O3 makes the "flex cut" off O5's screen. Depending on how the defense is playing, O3 can cut either over (ball-side) or under (baseline side) the screen. O2 could pass to O3 for the inside shot. If the pass to flex cutter is not there, notice in diagram B that O1 then down-screens for O5. The screener O1 then moves out to the corner (the down-screener always moves out to the corner). Using the down-screen, O5 cuts up to the elbow for the pass and jump-shot. If the elbow pass is not there, O5 steps outside to get the pass from O2. Now in diagram C, O3 screens as O4 makes the flex cut from the opposite side. After the flex cut, we again note in diagram D that O2 down-screens for O3, who cuts to the elbow looking for the pass and jump-shot. Notice how in diagram E we are in the same basic set as in diagram A, and that the pattern has continuity and can repeat from side to side.