1-4 Basketball Plays 

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Here is one of the plays that the San Antonio Spurs used during the 2014 NBA Playoffs.

Here is a Basketball Play that Arnold was know for using and scoring with.

Arnold Cicil Rest In Peace


First witnessed in the NBA during the 2014 NBA Summer League. 

A transitional Offensive play the changes from a 1-4 to the coveted Triangle Offense 

This is a great play for the High School age and older as this play finished with allyoop baskets. 

If your for a simple 1-4 Basketball play that can be ran in under 12 seconds this play is for you. 

Here is a 4 out Basketball play that Phoenix uses. This play is great for the high school aged Basketball team, however this is very simple to teach. If you need a set play to slow the game down this is the play for you.


When you see Atlanta's point guard place an open palm in the air he is calling for this Basketball play. This is a very simple screen and roll Basketball play which you can run with any Basketball team. 

Other 1-4 Basketball Plays