Private 1 on 1 Vertical Jump Training 

On The Burlington Beach 

$45 for a one hour class 

The Jump program starts every June and will be stationed on the beautiful Burlington beach. Our Vertical Jump program will help you reach your jumping potential. When training in the sand your whole body will get a workout, not just your lower body. 

Studies have shown that running and working out in the sand is easier on the knees and back. While Training on the beach you don't need to wear your shoes. If not wearing shoes your feet and ankles will also become stronger and reduce sprained ankles during the season. 

Sand is very soft which makes it hard to run and workout in and will give you an amazing workout. 

Note: The best slam dunker in the NBA right now is Blake Griffin, in the off season he trains in sand.  

And remember if I work you too hard a cold swim is not far away.

 Any Questions please contact us:

289 441 6647