Warming Up  

You need to warm up or you will risk Injury!  

Running: This will consist of jogging, running or sprinting.

Defensive shuffle: This is a great way to get your heart going! Get your feet shoulder width apart and put your butt low like sitting in a chair (your knees should be bent at a 90º angle). To shuffle your leading foot should be pointed towards the direction you’re heading towards and extended out, then drag the other foot along for it to catch up. When shuffling your feet do not cross your feet as you may trip.

Skipping: This can be done by regular skipping or using a skipping rope.

Grape Vine: This is like the defensive shuffle however this will also work on foot speed. To do Grape Vine you will face one way and start by shuffling sideways. When heading towards the right direction your left foot should go in front then behind your right foot. When going left, your right foot should go in front then behind your left foot.


(Do these when finished the workout) 

(Do these while Warming Up)