Vertical Jump  

This is the main reason why you joined, but don't forget about the other workouts. 

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 Squats: Have your feet shoulder width apart, bent your knees until a 90 degree angle is established. Always keep your back straight when doing a squat so you do not injure your back. The easiest way to keep your back straight while doing a squat is by focusing on one part of a wall.


1 leg squats free vertical jump training

 1 Leg Squats: The one leg squat is the same as a normal squat, however you will only be using one leg instead of two. Have the leg that is not in use out straight in front of you.


lunges free jump training

 Lunges: Take a step forwards, have your back leg kneel down till that knee is 1 inch from the ground. Then stand back up and step forwards again with the opposite leg.


wall sit free jump training

 Wall Sits: stand with your back against a wall. Take one step out away from the wall then lean back against the wall with your feet shoulder width apart and flat on the ground. Get low so that your knees are bent to a 90 degree angle and you look like your sitting on a chair.


heel raises free jump training

 Heel Raises: While standing straight up go up on your toes and back down. When going back down DO NOT rest on your heels, keep those heels off the ground. (This also strengthens your ankle)

skipping free jump training

 Skipping: This can be done two different ways.

- With a skipping rope

- Normal skipping