Plyometrics train the fast twitch muscles in your legs and core.  

Squat jumps free vertical jump training

 Squat Jumps: Get down into a Squat position the jump as high as you can, to help you get as high as you can use your arms. To use your arms you will need to fling your arms as far back as they can go and when your jump swing your arms in an upward motion. Land in the exact same spot as you left from. To avoid injury keep your back straight.

-     Moving: do a squat jump however you will be moving forwards.

-    Knee to chest: While doing a normal Squat Jump while jumping have your knees touch your chest.

-    1 leg: do 1 leg squats then jump up with that one leg. 


 Scissor Lunges: while in a lunge position jump up and switch positions of your legs. (if your right leg was in front before you jumped, it will be the leg behind you after you jump)


 Fitness Steps (Plyometrics)

You can either use a step or a wooden box.


 Step ups: This is pretty easy and should be used as a warm-up before using a step. For this Exercise you will face the step and step up with your right leg leading then step back down with your right foot. Turn back around and do the same thing back to the side you started. Once you get back to the side you started, that counts as one rep.


lay up box jumps plyometrics free vertical jump training

 Lay-up jumps: Start with your body side ways to the step. The leg that is closest to the step should be up on the step (the foot on the step should be always up on its toes). Once you are ready to go, the leg on the step should push you into the air and your leg that was on the ground should now be in the air and looking like your doing a lay up. When you land you will land on the step first and then proceed to land on the ground with the foot that started on the ground.


box jumps free vertical jump training

 Box jumps: Squat jumps with a step are the same without the step. The difference is that there is a step. To do a squat jump with a step you will need to do a squat jump and land on the step. When you land on the step absorb all of the impact with your legs by squatting back down on the step. The key for a perfect landing is to land like a cat and for there to be no noise from the step.

lateral jumps free vertical jump training

 Lateral Jumps: To do a lateral Jump on a step you will start with standing sideways along the side of the step. When you are ready you will jump up/sideways and land on the step.


lateral box jumps free vertical jump training

 Lateral Push Offs: To start stand sideways beside the step with the leg closest to the step up on the step. Jump up and over the step to land on the other side with the closest foot up on the step.