Core Strength  

Core Strength is very important to everything in Basketball. The core helps everything from shooting ability to dunking a Basketball.  

 Sit ups: While laying on the ground, have your feet and legs off the ground (your knees should be bent at a 90º angle). Then try and touch your elbows to your knees. DO NOT LET YOUR FEET TOUCH THE GROUND.


 Plank: Get down to a push-up position and hold yourself in that position for a specified amount of time. *try and keep your body in a straight line for best results.


 Side Plank: Same as the normal plank above however you will use only one arm. But make sure to do a side plank on each side.


 Medicine Ball Training

Medicine ball training is very important to your jumping ability! This medicine ball training will strengthen your core and your leg muscles for ultimate explosion when jumping. 

 Russian twist: To start you may need a soft mat like a yoga mat. Sit down on your butt with your legs straight out in front of you and start with the medicine ball on one side of your body. When ready to begin bring your feet off the ground and balance on your butt. Once you are balancing bounce the ball on your right side then left side and keep alternating. Every time you bounce it on the side you started on that is 1 rep.

 Toes touch crunches: Lie on your back and stretch your legs straight up. While your legs are up touch your toes.


 Squat jumps with medicine ball: Start in a Squat Jump position with the medicine ball tight to your chest. When you jump in the air extend the medicine ball over your head. Remember to land like a cat to reduce impact.



 Wall passes:

-          Forward: Stand facing a wall, squat down and hold the squat while passing the ball to the wall (the ball should bounce back to you)

-          Sideways: Stand against the wall but have the wall on one side of you. Hold a squat position and pass the ball to the wall. 

 Power bounces:

-          Lung: go in to a lung and slam the Medicine ball to the ground the ball should bounce back up. Repeat but continue lunges.

-          Squat:  Go into a squat and slam the Medicine ball to the ground the ball should bounce back up then repeat while staying in a squat.

 Lower Back

The lower back is the most important muscle in an athlete’s body. If this muscle is weak than the whole body will be off and injuries may occur.Also with a strong lower back muscle you will have the ability to run faster and jump higher.  

 Lay on the ground on your stomach. Stretch so your feet and head are off the ground and balancing on your stomach