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Does Weight Lifting Stunt A Child's Growth? 

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Your child comes up to you and says "I want muscles" and you don't know what to say or do, so you have come here. Well you have come to the right place I have been studying this field for a while now and there are many true stories and some very wrong myths that need to be busted. 

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 Giuliano Stroe (8 years old) from Russia

Lifting weights at a young age will not stunt growth, however something associated with lifting weights can. Lifting weights as a child will not stunt growth actually there are some studies that show that lifting weights can help stimulate more growth hormone and might actually help your child grow a bit taller. 

There is a myth that states "working out stunts a child's growth". This myth originated back when there was improper nutritional practices. Nutrition has a huge impact on the overall height and health of your child, if your child eats nothing but candy, fast food or nothing at all this will stunt his and will make him/her obese. 

There are many people and activists who believe that children get more injuries if they lift weights, this is true and false:

True: This is because when anyone is active they have a larger chance of getting injured. This is also true for children who don't know how to work out properly, straining their muscles, improper lifting technique and dropping weights will increase the possibility for injury. 

False: With proper training the above "true" statement is false. With proper training and technique your child will have a reduced chance of injury. In fact working out your legs as a child can reduce knee and ankle injuries while playing sport by building up muscle that will help stabilize the knees and ankles. 

If you let your child (under 12) workout make sure he/she starts with a program that is focused on body weight exercises as this will prep him/her for weight training. After each workout remember to have some protein, either a cup of milk or a protein shake. If you are interested in protein powder you can check out my favourites below.   


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