Weight Training Equipment I Like 

Weight Vest 

If you have read my Jump Training Book you will see why weight vests are so amazing. First its not like ankle or wrist weights that put stress on your joints. A weight vest will add 20+ pounds of weight to your overall body weight and will help you train with that extra weight. I know of a lot of players who add extra fat to their body for training, I think this would be a healthier alternative. 

Speed Ladder 

If your looking to become a better defender than this would be the best thing for you to use. There are may different drills and workouts you can do on a Speed Ladder what will increase your foot speed which will increase your defensive abilities as well as your vertical jump strength.  

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells 

For anyone trying to save space, these Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are a perfect fit. Wether your in your basement or in your apartment living room you will be able to workout with just a flick of a switch. Plus you will save money from buying 15 different dumbbells just to have all of the different weights.  

Dumbbells For Kids To Workout

Looking for some dumbbells for your young ones to learn how to workout with? These are perfect! They weigh up to 20 pounds and they are rubber coated, this means your hardwood floors are safe.