Supplements Allen Likes 

Vanilla Whey Protein 

In all of my cooking video's that include protein powder you will notice one thing, it is all 6 Star Whey Protein. There is one main reason for this, and that is because it actually tastes good. Not to mention it is not expensive either.  

Flavoured Creatine 

I never used flavoured Creatine very often, but when I did I used this one mostly because of the price. This stuff is usually pretty expensive with the bigger named brands but believe me Creatine is Creatine! Does Creatine work? Who knows. Creatine works by putting water in your muscles to make them heal faster, which also helps you bulk up. 

Plain Creatine Powder 

I hear now that your not supposed to mix Creatine with your coffee, but I always used to when I was waking up in the morning before a workout. The reason for this is because of the caffeine. Well my response to that is "you see these pre workouts with both caffeine and creatine, so why can't I mix it with coffee". But usually you would mix creatine with your protein shakes or with water.