Basketball Training Equipment I Like 

Dribbling Goggles

When kids are dribbling a Basketball they tend to look down to see where the Basketball is. To become a great ball handler you can't be looking at the Basketball all of the time because you will miss a lot of open teammates to pass too. Click the link above to purchase.  

Reaction Ball 

If your shooting around by yourself this is almost mandatory if you want to be able to shoot from a single spot like the free-throw line. This will attach to the rim and every made shot will be sent right back to where you stand.  


Basketball Rebounder 

If your shooting around and staying in the same spot, you need this rebounder. If your shooting free throws and you don't want to leave the free-throw line and you make your shot, the Basketball will be sent right back to you. 

My Basketball 

I have used this Basketball since grade 9 and it is still going strong! I love this Basketball and I know you will too.