Apps Allen Likes 


Coachbase is an app that replaces the coaches clipboard. As a coach you can create and save your plays to use during the game and show your team instead of drawing a million lines and confusing your team. You can even use the app as a live coaches clipboard incase you need to create a play on the spot. You can also buy plays from really well know NBA and NCAA Basketball Coaches. 

This app is for all Apple, Android, and Windows Products. 

Coaches Eye 

If you are a coach, a trainer, or even a player this is a must! With this app you can record your shot and draw lines over the video to show what the player needs to do to have a better shot. 

I have also seen coaches use this app in preseason games use this app to record their offense and defence to show their team how to improve. 

This app is for iPad, iPhone and Android.   


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