Does Weight Lifting Screw Up My Shot? 

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does lifting weight mess up my basketball shot

When I was younger I always believed that if I worked out my arms my jump shot would be affected in a negative way. As a Basketball Personal Trainer I have had this question many times and I would classify this as a MYTH! 

When training to go to the NBA Development League I experimented with a workout that worked my arms and abs then I would shoot 10 free throws if I missed any I would run a lap around the Basketball court and then keep shooting. Once I finished 10 made free throws I would do the same arm/abs workout again. This workout did not hinder my ability to shoot in the long run, however it did make my arms extremely tired which I used to simulate a long hard game. I actually found this made my shooting ability much better and I was known for my shooting ability while I was down in the States and ever since I returned. 

So is this MYTH or FACT, I would have to say this is a Myth from my own experience. I have used this same drill with most of my clients and I have had rave reviews. I had a grade 8 player a few years ago from Oakville Ontario who came to me as a poor long range shooter, by the end of the season he was know to the team he played for and every team he played against as the top shooter on the team, this player even had a game where he hit 6 threes in a single game.