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Coaching Basketball can be hard and difficult especially when the other team keeps scoring and there is nothing you can do about it. 

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Sport Myth or Sport Truth

There are many myths when it comes to sport I would like to bust those myths. Obviously some of the myths I will speak about will have some merit, so make sure to read each myth that you have been told to make sure that myth does not happen to you. 

Oh and by the way I will be adding more myths once I come across them. 

Myth #1 

94fifty jump soles and weight vests are a part of this sport myth

You hear this from every manufacturer that creates devices to help you gain skill in a specific area.  

Myth #2  

lifting weights for Basketball Myth

When I was younger I even believed this one, does lifting weight mess up your ability to shoot a Basketball? 

Myth #3 

mike henowic picture for children lifting weights

I know What your thinking, I have a ton of articles that are under this topic, well that is true! But we cannot ignore the fact that we have a epidemic of obese children.