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Do devices make you a better Basketball Play like 94fifty jump soles or weight vests

There are a lot of devices out there that companies create that claim to help you develop better Basketball  skills. These companies claim that the only thing you need is their product and that their product will make you better fast! This is definitively not true! If you are using a device for example the 94fifty Basketball you should try it with other devices like the dribbling goggles. 

Am I saying that you shouldn't use devices to train, NO I am not! They do help but only to a certain extent. Some devices also work better than others for certain individuals. Obviously tech happy players and parents would love and excel with the 94fifty Basketball while others will benefit with old school 1 on 1 training. The downfall of the 94fifty would be the player looking at his stats and numbers for hours just like I do on this website. I remember when I used the 94fifty I looked at my stats for an hour for only 15 minutes of practice, now is this a good option for me? No because in my opinion if your going to use stats and numbers to show you how your perform you should only look at the numbers for a minute or two. Also is an app on a phone and a Basketball with sensors going to correct your shooting form? No that is what a real person teaching a player is for. 

One device I used as a younger player was dribbling goggles, other than looking silly they worked great for myself and many other players. As a trainer I have learned that even the dribbling goggles are not good for everyone, about 5-10% of players continuously look down while using the goggles even with my prompts to look up. 

As you can tell so far my point is there are many different players with many different learning skills and abilities. Not one single device will help the device that works for me will not necessarily work for you. 

So I guess the answer is PLAUSIBLE because devices do work for the most part but they cant take away from actual real practice with a trainer or coach, also that not every device will work for everyone.  

Devices I Have Used 


4/4 Stars 

The 94Fifty is a great utility for players who are accompanied by someone who knows proper shooting form. This can show the player proof of where he/she is making mistakes and where they need to improve, but without a trainer this device will only have a minor difference in skill development. 


2/4 Stars 

This is a fun little device that is made of a rubber/silicone type material. This device works by teaching players to keep their fingers spread apart for a more precise shot. However there is one flaw, from a young age we are all taught to shoot with our fingers spread apart, if we don't then the Basketball falls out of our hand. I gave this ShotLock 2 stars because it is only good for maybe 5% of Basketball players. What we should make is a device that teaches players to release the Basketball with the middle and ring finger last touching the Basketball. 


Dribbling Goggles 

4/4 Stars 

Like I mentioned above this device helped me as a player with my dribbling skills and I have seen it work wonders for many players! As a trainer I like combining this with some 2 ball drills and or one normal Basketball with a weighted Basketball.