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Allen Harrington 

1 on 1/Group Training 
Get the personalized attention of one on one or small group personal Basketball training.

Here is Allen's Author page, Allen has published a math book and there are many more to come.

FREE Coach and Vertical Jump Training/Information  

Free Vertical Jump Training Home
If you want to jump higher this page is for you, navigate through each exercise and learn how to properly use each one. Then download the free programs to your computer or smart phone.

Here is where you can find each of our free vertical jump programs, we also have ACL strengthening and foot speed programs. 

Plays for coaches and/or for players.

We discuss if weight training stunts a child's growth.

Nutrition facts, information and recipes for Basketball players.


Players Video's
Players who Allen teaches  

Music that I created 

Toronto Raptors News  

Toronto Raptors
Find all of the news, stories, and updated rosters for the Toronto Raptors. 

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