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This book was created by myself with the input from Joshua Tessier who is a very well known vertical jump trainer here in Canada. 

This training program has been tested and tried with 6 athletes in Canada and this program has been seen as a huge benefit for any Basketball, volleyball or any other player who needs to jump higher. 

The best thing about this book is everyone can use the workouts, even if your six years old. We have approved the workouts for everyone over 6. 

The different workouts in this book are called:

  • Nutritional Information
  • Training best practices
  • How to stretch
  • Pool workouts (6 Levels = 12 weeks)
  • 24 week land training program
The players averaged a 12 inch increase who used this Jump Training Program through the creation of the Program.

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 Throughout my coaching career I have used this defence the whole time. I have learned from over the 4 years of running this defensive structure that you will need athletic players and player height does not matter.

After years of using the 1-4 matchup zone I have had many comments (some more colorful than others) but they were all asking the same thing “what type of defence were you using? Zone or Man?”. When faced with this question it’s hard not to smile and laugh, but all I say is “I would tell you but then I would have to kill you”. With all laughter aside this is a deadly defence.

Over the last year before writing this book I have asked 14 teams (16 coaches) to implement this 1-4 matchup zone defence to see how it works, and if it works with each of their teams because we as coaches all know that every team is different.

At the end of last season I spoke to the 16 coaches for their input of some small changes they were implementing, but instead they offered the full court presses that worked best with the 1-4 matchup zone defence which I will elaborate on later in this book.

I can't believe how many teams this has stopped and how many different kinds of teams this has stopped. 

This Defence is deadly because there is NO open shots from a foot past the three point line and in. The book will explain how to set up the players, where the double teams are set and when to play the positions to make it look like a man to man defence. 

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When I was in Grade 4 I still used my fingers while puzzling over a math question. When my Math teacher seen this she was not pleased and sent me to the special education room as I was deemed below grade level by the Math teacher for using my fingers in math class. That night I was afraid because the only way I could do math was with my fingers and now I was told to stop. 

This book explains a method (Visualizing Math) I learned myself and ways how you can learn to visualize your math and ways to teach this method. 

Your probably thinking "why am I selling a math book on a Basketball website?" Well, I wrote this book while at Mohawk College, I am selling this book here on my website, mainly because of that reason. But there is also the need for math skills when attempting to gain a sports scholarship.