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Skilz Lateral Resistor 

The Good 

The Skilz Lateral Resistor is great for training your foot speed, vertical jump, and upper body strength. There are many types of workouts I usually do with the Skilz, most of the time I attach the Velcro straps around my ankles and do some defensive slides or jab steps finished with a layup. For upper body workouts I attach one strap to my ankle and the other strap to my wrist and continue with a fake jab and one dribble repeated 3 sets of 10. I have had this product since it came out and I find it a lot better than the other more expensive alternatives plus this one has padded straps unlike some of the others I have had. A 6 week training DVD also comes in the box with the item. 

The Bad 

The one problem I face with this problem is that if you dont have the Velcro straps attached properly the plastic part of the Velcro rubs along my ankle and makes my leg a bit red, however it has NEVER made me or anyone else bleed. 

Other Uses 

The main purpose of this item is to improve your lateral movements like defensive slide and your foot speed. However you are able to train your upper body as well, attach one strap to your ankle and the other strap to your wrist on the opposite side (ie. left ankle and right wrist). proceed with fake jabs in the direction of the strapped wrist. This will improve core strength, arm strength and core strength.