Our Music 

So over the past little while I have had a few messages that have asked where did I find my music. Most of the music I have used is my own, that being said I will post download links to every song I have ever posted. Some may be free while other may cost a few bucks.  

All of the music I have created will work on the following, while other artists work will be available from the iTunes links. 


Allen's Top Picks 

By: Imagine Dragons 

By: Bastille 


By: Pitbull 

By: Darude 

By: 50 Cent 

Allen's Beats 

Here are the beats Allen has created for his video's you can use them with your video's too all you need to do is download them. All of the below beats will work on all devices.  

Bongo Magic.mp3 Bongo Magic.mp3
Size : 1505.225 Kb
Type : mp3
Hype Beat.mp3 Hype Beat.mp3
Size : 1631.96 Kb
Type : mp3
Start Song .mp3 Start Song .mp3
Size : 701.96 Kb
Type : mp3

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