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NBA Basketball players are great Basketball players but nobody is perfect, or are they?

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Here we will dissect what NBA players need to improve on, while at the same time teaching you how to become a better Basketball player than the players who play in the NBA. As a young Basketball player I would idolize NBA players, however I noticed in my later years that NBA players make lots of mistakes. 

NBA players are sometimes also very skilled too.

Lets learn from their mistakes! (Or learn from them) 

This should be taken as constructive criticism for NBA players and anyone else who make the same mistakes. I understand that constructive criticism can be hard to take but I am not here to hurt your feelings, we are here to help everyone become a better Basketball player for free.  

We are not bashing NBA players skills, we are here to teach younger players from the professionals mistakes. If an NBA player sees a video of him on here don't take it the wrong way. 

 NBA Players Worked On

Below are the players who we have dissected

Training Jonas Valanciunas  

We all know Jonas Valanciunas has game, however there is one aspect of Jonas' game that needs to be improved, and that is his shooting form. From the limited amount of time I have watched Jonas Valanciunas play I would correct were Jonas Valanciunas' elbow is when he shoots. 

By shooting with your elbow under the basketball your shooting percentage will rise and the ball will be shot a lot straighter. 

Terrence Ross Shooting Training 

Terrence Ross is an amazing offensive Basketball player, and is easily one of the best shooting rookies this year. Why does Ross shoot so effectively? Well the first thing you need to look at is his form. To shoot the Basketball accurate and straight keep your forearm vertical and have your elbow pointing at the basket.  

Defending The Screen and Roll NBA Style 

Many Basketball Coaches don't teach how to defend the screen and roll properly and it drives me crazy. Unless your playing a zone you should never switch. By switching players in a man to man defence you will create a mismatch every time. I remember my grade 7 and 8 Basketball team, our plays were created for teams to switch off so that we would have a mismatch of a Center being guarded by a shooting guard in the post.