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Jump Boot Camp.pdf Jump Boot Camp.pdf
Size : 301.554 Kb
Type : pdf

This is the Jump Boot Camp, this is the highest difficulty level program we currently offer for FREE.  

In Season Workout updated.pdf In Season Workout updated.pdf
Size : 116.493 Kb
Type : pdf

If you are currently participating in a  Basketball season this program is for you.  

Pool Jump Training Sample.pdf Pool Jump Training Sample.pdf
Size : 40.739 Kb
Type : pdf

Here is a Level 1 Pool Jump Training Program sample from my Jump Training Book. 

If you find all of the above Vertical Jump Training workouts too easy this program is for you!

You may be asking how can I jump like Lebron James or Blake Griffin? I can tell you right now its not going to be easy, however I know you can do it! 

You have already taken your first steps to become a high flyer because you have found our FREE online vertical jump training guide. Each of the exercises in the Programs we currently offer online for free are explained in the menu on the left

In Basketball your vertical Jump ability is very important. If you are able to Jump Higher than your opponent you can grab that rebound, get your shot off and have the ability to block you opponents shot at will. 

 The FREE and simplified way to dunk a Basketball

Vertical Jump Programs for Free 

Free Jump Training so you can jump higher

Is Jump Training For You? 

If you play a sport, want to lose weight, jump higher, or plainly get stronger these programs are for you. 

Does Age Matter?

We have jump programs perfect for everyone for all ages. Getting started at an early age in physical activity is one of the best things a youth can do. Working out certain muscles as a youth can substantially reduce injuries. 

Can I Contact You For Help?

Yes, you can contact me through email or through our Facebook page.

Why Is Your Jump Training Free?

Many have asked this question, I disagree that you should pay for jump training papers. I will not ask for subscriptions (however you can sign up for my blog updates). 

What Happens If I finish A Program?

When this happens you can keep adding reps, sets, and loads or start another program from the second last week. 

How Do You Prevent Injuries?

I currently provide an ACL strengthening workout which will increase knee strength. The ACL is a ligament in your knee that controls knee stability. An ACL tear can remove you from sport for years.

Can I Print Out The Programs?

YES!! that's the best thing about this, I want you to print out these papers, show your friends and coaches and whoever else you like. I am doing this for you for free. 
Lets tell the whole world they don't need to pay for those expensive vertical jump programs any more. 

Will You Ever Add New Programs?

I update my site everyday, either to add more information, articles, Basketball news, coaching information, scholarship information, and anything else that can help with your development to become the best Basketball player ever. This includes adding new programs every once in a while.    

Can I Do The Jump Training At Home?

Yes, you can use our FREE jump programs at home, at the cottage, at the park, or at a gym, there is no limitations to where you cat use our programs and train to jump high.

Is There Any Other Educational Resources?

Yes, there are articles that we create and add all the time to the article menu below. These are great educational resources for those training their Basketball skills or their vertical jump.

Can I Use Actual Weights?

With these programs you can use weights (as long as the weight you are using is good for you and not overwhelming). If you do decide to use weights with these programs please only use them twice a week as these programs are designed for what each program says for you to do. If the programs are too easy try the boot camp program, if the boot camp is too easy double each activity in the boot camp.

Why Do I Have A Jump Training Book That Costs Money? 

This is a very GREAT question, Josh Tessier and I wanted to do a joint project together and the best thing we could think of was to do a Jump Training Book. Josh has been a Jump Training Coach for over 15 years and has some really hard workouts for everyone to do. If you find the FREE Jump Programs too easy this book is for you! 

Submit Your Dunk Pictures at probballtraining@gmail.com 

Trenton Ford Dunking at the YMCA 

Trenton Ford Dunk at Oakville YMCA vertical jump training
jump training
Jump Training Rules

After you have finished each programs duration you can do another program, or re-do that program again after taking a week off. When returning to a program or starting a different program you can add one rep to each set to keep your body progressing so that you can DUNK LIKE LEBRON!

Be aware being able to jump like Blake Griffin or Vince Carter will not come over night and will take lots of work and dedication with proper nutrition. 

You will benefit from my programs however some may benefit from the programs faster than others. Some may gain 6 inches in the first month while others might only gain a half inch. This may come down to how much work your putting into the programs or just your body structure. 

Also remember that before starting any program you should consult a doctor. 

Good luck to everyone and let me know how you do!



Our Jump Training Comparison 

Jump Training comparison between als basketball training jump manual and vert freak

Keegan's First Dunk 


"Al's Basketball Training,  
Thank you for these great resources, I have been using the Boot Camp Program for 2 weeks now and I have seen a 2 inch increase in my vertical leap already. 
Thank you, and keep up the great work,

Kyle P
Naples FL, USA"

Thank you for providing me this tool, After finishing the Jump Boot Camp vertical jump training program I am able to jump 7 inches higher! Thanks SOOOOOOO MUCH!

Marcus Chambers

Thank You,

Over the past 3 months I have been using your Jump Boot Camp Program and I have seen drastic improvements! I was stuck with just being able to touch my wrist to the rim and hardly making dunks. But now I am able to throw down with some power and gained around 5 inches. 

Keep posting programs for us people who dont want to pay for programs.

Toronto Ontario

As a Basketball coach I know the importance of being able to jump high. At the beginning of our season a few months ago I printed out the Boot Camp for my whole team and we are now getting more rebounds and blocking more shots. 

Ottawa, Ontario

Hey, I've been doing your jump bootcamp routine, and I am confused about 2 things. Thanks, I have already benefited a lot because of it but I just need help on this.

Keep up the good work! Over the past 2 weeks I have gone from not touching the Backboard to now being able to touch the bottom of the back board!

Binayak Pande
Kathmandu Napal 


My friend showed me this program a few months ago and it has not disappointed. I just finished the Vertical Jump Boot Camp and it worked me hard! Your legs will burn like fire, but that just means your gaining vertical! 

Can you please put this on your free vertical jump training page?

Thank you for everything


One word... AMAZING!


Lee on the Solent United Kingdom

Hey man, thanks so much for your workout. Only 1 and a half weeks into the Jump Boot Camp, and I'm already seeing results! I'm 5'11 15 year old, and today I dunked a 9 and 1/2 rim for the first time and realized this workout is legit. 

Thanks a lot!
Tyler Carrier
Wilton, NH

Hello Al, 

My name is Nathan Malloy, I am 15 years old and 5 foot 11, I play Basketball in Australia. Thank you for making this program free, it is such a pain having to buy workouts over the internet!

Thanks again, 


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