ACL Rehab Video's 

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I have personally struggled through an ACL injury, I tore my ACL, MCL and Meniscus during a training camp in the NBA D-League. If you have never had a torn ACL, I hope you never get one, there is no way of explaining how much pain that comes with the injury! There is no word or to describe how you have to remember if you do certain things that your knee will collapse followed by a sharp pain.

I personally went through two knee surgeries for the same injury, the first surgery was a scope to see what was actually going on with the knee, which is how they found out that I also tore my MCL and Meniscus. My second knee surgery was to repair the meniscus and ACL. My doctor used the middle part of my patellar tendon to repair my ACL. 

Below are some rehab exercises that I did while recovering from my injury and surgery.   

Weeks 1-3 

Weeks 3-4 

Weeks 4-8