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Simi Shittu Burlington Ontario  Class of 2018 

A few years ago I was privileged to meet Simi Shittu as I played against his older brother every day. I was able to teach Simi a little and here is a small highlight tape of Simi Shittu skills as a Basketball player. Simi Shittu is widely regarded as the next big Canadian Basketball player.

Trenton Ford Oakville Ontario Class of 2015 

Trenton Ford is a high school Basketball player in Oakville Ontario standing at 6'4 Trenton is able to play any position from Point Guard to Small Forward. Trenton Ford is currently searching for USA NCAA Scholarships and I am hoping that he will be successful. I was privileged to coach Trenton for 2 years when he was in grade 9 and 10.

Thomas Evers Oakville Ontario Class of 2014  

Thomas was coached and trained with Allen for 2 years (grade 9 and 10), Thomas' strengths are defence, ball handling, court vision, athleticism.