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Coaching Basketball can be hard and difficult especially when the other team keeps scoring and there is nothing you can do about it. 

This book will have some defensive information that will be new to you plus a defensive formation that you have never seen before and will work wonders for you and your team. 

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Free stuff is always great! We have free Vertical Jump Training where you will find programs and workout descriptions for free, Free Scholarship Information for the athletes trying to receive an NCAA Scholarship and Free Coaches Information where you will find plays, drills and videos.  

Jump higher, gain muscle, and reduce risk of injury with our injury reduction program.  

If your a player or a coach you will love this section! This section is full of Basketball Skills and Drills that can be used by players and coaches.  


Do you have a question that you cannot have answered? Ask me or watch some of my answers I have in video. 

 FREE Coaching Information 

We have drills that you can use for practices, plays you can use in games, and video's to learn from.

FREE Scholarship Information 

Basketball Scholarships are not easy to get however we may be able to help you understand the process.

Will lifting weights stunt your child's growth? Find out here.

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries can be hard to deal with, let us help. 

Nutrition tips and recipes for Basketball players. Includes Protein shakes, pre-game meals, and post game meals. 

Here we will correct NBA Basketball players Basketball form and skills. 

We will bust the myths that have plagued sports for years. 

Everything here will help players, coaches, and parents... CHECK IT OUT!