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Oakville Venom

Above is a picture of Allen's Team from 2011 (Won the Ontario Provincial Championships)

Coaching Basketball is not always an easy project. The biggest difficulty is the terrible referees (face it they're human they make mistakes), then there's the development of the young athletes, remember skill development comes first then teaching of the plays second, and KEEP IT FUN! And lets not forget about the parents, they can be a handful also. 

Find all the information you need here from plays to guidance. 

If you have any questions email me 

Every practice you need drills to teach your players, give some of mine a try I know you will like them.  

I am always trying to add more drills.

New plays are added all of the time, there are plays here that are for everything from Inbound to Jump Ball. They also all work. 

I also have a Defence book you may also like.

Every Basketball Coach has made a mistake somewhere, he we can see some of the bigger mistakes coaches make and how we can prevent ourselves from doing the same.  

Lets face it some Basketball coaches cheat! Can you believe that! Well you may not have even noticed that you were cheated against. Check this out to see if you were cheated against and how to prevent it in the future. 

Need the rules to the game, well here you are, the books you NEED! (FREE)

Top 3 Coaching Video's 

2-2-1 Full Court Zone Press 

A 2-2-1 full court zone defense looks like this. The main idea is to trap the ball handler as soon as he passes the half court line and along the side line. By doing this the ball handler will be unable to pass back to the other side of the court. 

An example of this would be in this picture. Let's say the ball is inbounded to the side where player 1 is. Player 1 will force the ball handler to the side line and player 3 so that the ball handler can be trapped in the trapping area. 
Player 5 needs to be athletic enough to cover the whole back court.
When players 1 and 3 trap the ball handler, players 2, 4 and 5 still cover their zoned areas that is shown by each color.

What To Never do as a Basketball Coach 

Here is a Basketball Play that you should never use as a Basketball court. If you team is less skilled than the opposing team your playing you should never hog the ball along the side line. If you are to do this play your team and the opposing team will never learn anything.

How To Run a Successful 2-3 Zone Defence 

Here is how to run an effective 2-3 zone defence, if you teach your team to run this 2-3 basketball zone defence you will be extremely successful as a basketball coach. Defence is the most important part of a coaches arsenal. If your defence is better than your opponent you will have a better chance of winning.