Some Basketball Coaches Cheat 

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May 3, 2014

As a Basketball coach there will be times where you will be playing against a coach who is not following the rules. Once you realize that your playing against a cheater you have two choices, 1) cheat against him 2) play an offence against him that will exploit what he is doing. 

At the youth level the easiest way to cheat in a game will be to play a zone defence, this is because you will have younger inexperienced refs and zone is hard for young players to play against. Lets also remember that many teams at the younger age only have on good player, and usually that player is a Point Guard. This makes a Box and 1 Zone Defence the best defence to cheat with against young teams.

  How To Cheat With The Box and 1 Zone

Explanation Of The Box and 1 

When facing a zone defence with young children you need to use an offensive play that will show the refs that the opposing team is indeed using a zone defence. You must also notify the ref about the other team cheating and tell them what the other team is precisely doing. An offensive play that you can run to expose their defence is a 5 out screen and role or overload to one side. Check the video below for a good play. 


How To Cheat On Offense Against The Cheating Defence