Low Post Basketball Skills and Drills 

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At one point or another every Basketball player want to play in the low post, however will you have the skills to do so? Here you will learn the skills necessary to play in the low post and the drills to learn those skills. 

The low post is not the place for cry babies, this is an all out war of positioning. You need to battle for good positioning and can lead to contact which will probably not get called for a foul (unless you have an older ref here in Canada). 

With enough practice and strength you will be a formidable Center. Many coaches used to believe that you needed to be a tall and/or heavy player like Shaq to play as a low post player, however in recent years there has been a move to become a small and fast team instead of a slow and big team. Both types of teams work well, however in my opinion a mix of these two types of teams is best. 

Low post drills and skills

Shaq used the drop step and so did I, you can too!