Basketball Shooting Skills and Drills  

Looking For a Skill or Drill? 

For 99.9% of Basketball players shooting a Basketball does not come naturally and many ask the question, how do I shoot a Basketball? or how can I shoot the Basketball more accurately? 

Well I would like to help you become the best shooting player that you can possibly be!

To be a consistent shooter your elbow needs to point towards the rim your shooting at and when you shoot your arm needs to have follow through. This will create a straight shot and some nice back spin on the Basketball. Check the video below for some tips to a perfect Basketball Shot. 

Shooting Drills  

To teach your players how to shoot you need to do more than making them shoot from right in front of the net over and over again. You need to create/find drills that are fun and will work for your team.  

Here Zach will run towards a designated spot on the Basketball court while being passed the Basketball. Zach will stop with a jump stop and take a shot 

Here is a drill that is used by the Oakville Basketball Club. This drill will improve your layup skills and foot speed. 

Basketball Shooting Tips 

Like I said above shooting form in Basketball is very important for good shooters. Below are a few informative and catchy video's that I have created.  

Terrence Ross is a Basketball Player for the Toronto Raptors. Ross is known for dunking as he was a dunk champion, however did you know he is also a pure shooter? 

Check this out and check out your shooting form in a mirror, try and get your form as close to this as you can. 

Many Basketball coaches are unable to see where Basketball players shooting form is going wrong. Here you will be able to see some of the more common mistakes to correct.

Here is a young Basketball player teaching others how to shoot a Basketball better.  

Basketball Shooting Weight Training Workouts

Training your muscles for movements that you will make during a Basketball game is extremely important. Try this workout drill sometime. 

Training your shoulders and arms have huge benefits towards your shooting skill.