Half Court Basketball ZONE Defence 

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I called this the Unbeatable Basketball Defence because there is no offense that can take 100% advantage of it. The formation makes it look like a man to man defence for a few seconds and then looks like it changes on the fly to a zone defence. 

A Zone Defence is when a player guards an area instead of following a certain player from the opposing team. 

Have you ever wondered how to run a successful 2-3 zone defence? well this video will help you understand what a zone defence is and some basic rules.  

A box and 1 zone defence is great for younger ages when the opposing team has one great player and the rest of the other team has no or little other offensive threats. Basically 4 players play in a zone and 1 plays man to man. 

Everyone knows the 1-3-1 zone defence, however this is one alteration you need to utilize.  

Here is the regular 1-3-1 Zone Defence and some information on how you can teach it to your team.  

Here you will learn the 2-1-2 Zone Defence and also how to teach it to your team. 

A zone defence great against strong shooting teams and 5 out/Triangle offences.