Defensive Basketball Plays  

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I have not used this with my team yet however I have already learned more from reading the first few pages than I learned going to the level 1 NCCP Coaching clinic in Toronto. 

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The most important aspect to Basketball is defence, because if the other team scores less than your team you will win! Remember the saying "defence wins championships" well this cant be any farther than the truth. On this page you will find different defensive structures.

You may also be interested in the Unbeatable Basketball Defence book to the right. 

A half court defence is when you r team is playing defence tightly in your half of the court (generally within the 3pt line).

Here you will find different Types of different half court zone defences. 

A good way to start a game is to begin with a full court defence. This means playing a tight defence the whole length of the court. 

The half court press defence is a great defence to pressure an unsuspecting team to turnover the ball at half court. 

You will be playing a tight defence starting right at the half court line.

How a Zone Gets its Name