The Triangle Offense


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Head coach Phil Jackson, with help from assistant coach Tex Winter, has utilized the triangle offense to great success. The Chicago Bulls under Jackson won six NBA titles in the 1990s playing in the triangle. His first 3 title-winning teams in Chicago featured Hall of Famers Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Jackson's later 3 titles with the Bulls came with Jordan, Pippen, and fellow Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman. Jackson's Los Angeles Lakers later won five championships employing the triangle. His first 3 Lakers championship squads fielded superstars Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, while his last 2 title teams saw him pair Bryant with fellow All-Star Pau Gasol. Jackson coached the Bulls from 1989-1998. He next served as the head coach of the Lakers twice, first from 1999-2004, and then from 2005-2011.

 Basic Triangle Basketball Play Set-up

Here is the basic set-up for the Basketball Triangle Offence. Notice how each player is in line with either the side of the key or freethrow line. If your players set up too close together your play will not work. 

For all of the Triangle Basketball plays check out the list on the left side of this page.


basic high Basketball triangle offence


Triangle Basketball Plays 

NBA Playbook Triangle Plays