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Hamilton Wildcats

 All of our Basketball plays are in video format which will make your life as a coach a lot easier than reading and trying to comprehend what is being explained. With video we can explain each Basketball play into detail. We have over 200 plays and counting with new plays being added every day. All of the Basketball plays below are from many different resources like Allen's personal playbook all the way to the plays being used in the NBA. 

It's a Fast Break

Ways To Create a Fast Break, these should be shared with your whole team.  

The NBA is the biggest Basketball League in the world with the best Basketball players and Coaches in the world. Here we learn and analyze the Basketball plays that are used in the NBA. 

FIBA is classified as the ultimate level of Basketball, this is because you are representing your own nation. This means there are some advanced plays you could use to confuse your opponent.

Here you will find a section full of historic Basketball plays that go back to the days of Michael Jordan and earlier.  

Here we put plays against plays to see which play is better!