Offensive Basketball Plays 

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Types of Offensive Basketball Sets  

Horns is a Great formation that many Basketball teams 

Triangle Basketball Offence

The ultimate offence that was created by the great Phil Jackson and Tex Winter. 

One of the most used Basketball offences. You can even witness NBA teams like the Toronto Raptors using these plays.  

Best used with 4 skilled perimeter players and a strong post. 

This is a high post offense known to be created by the coach of the UCLA Bruins. 

Basketball Offence Box Play

Grade School Basketball Offense that can also be utilized by advanced teams as a great quick hitting starting offense. 

5 out basketball offence

An offence that is best for a small, strong or good shooting team.  

1-4 Offensive plays are very commonly used in the NBA. 

3-2 Basketball Play

3-2 Basketball Offense  

Here is an offense that can be used against many different types of teams and defences. 

These plays are mostly used by NBA teams, however if you have a really great player on your team you can use these plays to get fast points.

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