Line Inbound Plays 

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Here are two very simple inbound plays that you can use with any level of Basketball skill. You can successfully run both of these sandwich plays the whole game.  

This play is great for younger elementary age Basketball players. My coach when I was in grade 7 and 8 used this play and we won the championship, so I know it works. 

This is a very productive inbound play that can win many games for you, use this play only when the other team plays a really tight man to man defence.  

NBA Line Inbound Plays 

Line Play #1 

Basketball Line Inbound Play

Have your inbound player call this play, once the play is called the middle player closest to the inbound player will back pedal for the pass while the players to his side will close on his defender. At the same time as the squeeze screen happens the farthest player in the line will cut towards the inbound player, if he is open give him the ball for an easy layup.

Line Play #2 

Basketball inbound play line

Player 1 sets a screen above the line while player 2 sets a screen below the line. player 3 will use player 2's screen while player 4 will use player 1's screen and will continue out to the three point line.